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It is important to remember that the management of fraudulent claims is an integral part of your business as an insurance company. Our job as insurance fraud investigation lawyers is to debunk claims that appear to be fraudulent in nature, and to prove that they are in fact invalid, in order to help you save money. We provide comprehensive insurance investigations to determine if losses truly occurred and if so, if they were covered in a policyholder’s specific insurance coverage. We have years of experience representing insurers to ensure that they are providing all business in good faith, and that they aren’t being robbed of funds from having to pay out on fraudulent claims.

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Our insurance fraud investigation lawyers conduct these fraud investigations, and when needed will also conduct litigation on loss claims. Some situations that may lead in an intentional loss may be when the insured says the individual was hit by a car, and there is a claim that the person was not responsible for or even caused his or her own damages. Another instance is saying a ring was lost when the insured broke up with someone, and wants compensation for the ring that the other party won’t return. Lastly, claims for loss of a house or a car when the insured set fire to the property intentionally, because the person could no longer afford payments to creditors to keep the property. These are just some of the instances that insurance fraud can occur in or around the Boston region, and are examples of situations that we are well-versed in managing for our clients in court to a successful resolution.

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