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Hiring an Insurance Class Action Lawyer in Boston

The exposure that can be created when hundreds or even thousands of claims are brought forth as a class action against you as an insurer can be detrimental to your business and reputation. A point often overlooked is that the defending of class actions require specific skills that come from an experienced group of lawyers. Our insurance class action lawyer in Boston at the Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow has the necessary experience, skills and resources to represent insurance company clients during this difficult time.

Our Strategies

We can provide compliance reviews that hope to reduce the risk that our clients will face and experience in their professional business industries. Our proactive compliance planning can minimize cost exposure for our clients in all areas. We can help with contract reviews and marketing as well, and when it comes to class action lawsuits and your company, we have the legal expertise to assist in resolving the issues quickly and efficiently. We also can resolve a class action at the earliest possible stage, which eliminates much of the processes and the time, to manage the case before it becomes forefront in the media. When we can settle, we will and will try to reduce the cost of this settlement as much as possible for your business. Our AV-rated lawyer with the highest legal ability and ethical standards can help our clients to navigate difficult legal situations like these with ease whenever they come into play for your business or organization.

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If you suspect that your insurance company may be involved in a class action lawsuit, you need to hire one of our experienced insurance class action lawyers today. We have the necessary skills to perform investigations that will help resolve this legal matter quickly. At the Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow, we can speak on your behalf and protect your legal rights. We are based in Boston, Massachusetts and we also serve Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut and Portland, Maine. Call us to schedule a legal consultation today at 617-777-4748 . Our insurance class action lawyer is always ready to represent you.

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