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How Boston Homeowner’s Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Can Help You

As an insurer, you agree to pay insurance premiums as defined by your policyholder’s policies. However, there are times when claims are made that may not be covered in their policy or are simply fraudulent. This is where our Boston homeowner’s insurance bad faith lawyers at The Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow come into play. We have years of experience investigating claims in order to determine whether our clients, the insurer, should pay homeowner’s insurance claims or not.

How This Works

After a policyholder receives a denial letter from your insurance company, they can bring forth a bad faith insurance claim. Our insurance bad faith law firm will represent you during this process to verify the denied coverage and to prove why this claim isn’t valid and doesn’t apply to their particular policy. We have successfully represented insurers like you where you have denied payment for valid reasons. We can protect your legal rights every step of the way and ensure you do not pay anyone that doesn’t deserve payment.

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If you suspect that your policyholder is filing a bad faith insurance claim against you, call to schedule a legal consultation with Boston homeowner’s insurance bad faith lawyers today. These types of claims require expert legal help and our team has years of experience representing insurers like you and making sure they do not pay out any claims they don’t need to.  The Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow is based in Boston, Massachusetts and we also serve Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut and Portland, Maine.  Call us to schedule this important legal consultation today at 617-777-4748.

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