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How Our Bad Faith Auto Insurance Lawyers Can Represent You

Our bad faith auto insurance lawyers represent insurers who deal with claims against them when they have refused a claim for compensation or recovery. Our experienced legal team can thoroughly investigate these claims and protect your legal rights against policyholders, who may be trying to get compensation for unfair or non-valid claims. Our years of experience and skills and resources help us to be some of the best insurance fraud investigation lawyers in and around Boston.

About Bad Faith Laws

Insurance bad faith laws protect consumers (your policyholders) from unethical practices. This can include delaying claim processing, refusing to pay a claim in compliance with a policy, making partial claim payments or cancelling coverage because of a claim, threats against the insured party, and for refusing to make a fair settlement offer. All of these factors can cause a policyholder to bring forth a bad faith claim. Our job as your bad faith auto insurance lawyer is to create a defense strategy that proves that are not liable on these claims, and shows that you performed all of your services in good faith and in accordance with the applicable laws.

Why You Need to Hire Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

Our bad faith insurance lawyers are experienced and can represent insurers when policyholders bring forth inaccurate allegations against them. Our job is to protect your rights and to counter any claims to the contrary, in order to resolve these allegations quickly and quietly. We are AV-rated meaning our peers voted us as having the best legal ability and ethical standards. If you suspect that your policyholder is bringing forth a bad faith claim, call to schedule a consultation with our bad faith auto insurance lawyers today. At the Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow, we are based in Boston, Massachusetts and we also serve Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut and Portland, Maine. Call us at 617-777-4748  to schedule this important no-cost legal consultation.

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