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How Our Underpayment of Claims Lawyers Help Insurance Clients

As an insurance company, you have to be careful about which claims you agree to pay off, and which you deny for payment and resolution. However, you must always act in good faith and pay claims that apply to the specifics of a policyholder’s insurance policy in force with your organization. Oftentimes underpaid insurance claims can be brought against you, the insurer. Whether because of failure to properly assess damage, improperly classifying damaged property, using inaccurate pricing or even interpreting a policy improperly, these claims can be made by insured. Regardless of the reason for this underpayment of claims lawsuit, as underpayment of claims lawyers we can represent you throughout the entire legal process.

Assessing Proof of a Claim

A policyholder can request that you reinspect the property and damage and offer proof that a certain claim has occurred. This can ensure that this underpayment of claims lawsuit is resolved quickly and efficiently. We have the necessary resources needed in order to showcase that you acted in good faith in regards to assessing proof of a claim, and that no further action is needed. We will establish this necessary proof to close this claim in order to justify the underpayment. We understand insurance policies thoroughly, and can help you to prove why a claim was denied or paid out in the manner that it was paid to the insured.

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When you’re facing a lawsuit from a policyholder because the individual believes that his or her claim has been underpaid, our legal team can help you. We have the necessary skills and resources to investigate each claim thoroughly for you. Our underpayment of claims lawyers at the Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow are based in Boston, Massachusetts and we also serve Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut and Portland, Maine. Call us to schedule a legal consultation today at 617-777-4748.

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