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Strategies to Successful Insurance Subrogation Recoveries (Webinar)

Strategies to Successful Insurance Subrogation Recoveries

If you missed our live webinar on April 30, 2020, please email us – for our complementary presentation.
This legal course introduces the principles and laws of insurance subrogation in property damage claims. This engaging course navigates you through the process for success recoveries. Get time tested strategies. Whether you’re thinking about starting an insurance law practice or need a legal refresher, this course is for you.

Key topics discussed:
• Fundamental principles and laws governing the right of subrogation
• Recognizing subrogation opportunities
• Selection and hiring experts
• Investigation process, protection and preservation of evidence
• Spoliation of Evidence
• Statute of limitations and Statute of Repose
• Waivers of subrogation and anti-subrogation laws that defeat subrogation claims

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