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When You Should Hire a Boston Property Insurance Claim Attorney

Property insurance is any type of insurance on real or personal property, regardless if the personal property is located for use on land, water or in the air. These insurance policies can include single-family homes, apartments, condominiums and much more. When these properties suffer damages, policyholders will submit a claim under their insurance policy to have you, their insurer, pay for the repairs or replacement of the damaged property. As a property insurance claim attorney, we can thoroughly investigate the claims brought to you, to determine if they are valid and if the compensation being asked for is considered to be a fair compensation for the loss.

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The specifics of each situation will depend on where the policyholder resides or lives, as there are different statutes in various states which decide what is included in these insurance policies. Most of the time property insurance includes: the primary residence of the policyholder, as well as rental property. That is to say that it also includes damage to boilers, machinery, damages caused by water, caused by sinkholes, caused by hail or falling objects, theft or vandalism, wind, trees or shrubs, lightning, fire or even damages caused by smoke. Policies for commercial properties can vary and our experienced property insurance claim attorney can thoroughly read through the policy to determine if the claim is associated properly with the policy itself. This is how we can protect you as the insurer, in order that you don’t pay out more than you should or pay someone when the situation at hand doesn’t apply to the policy in question at all.

We can determine if the claim being submitted is a fraudulent claim, if the premium was paid late meaning the policy was cancelled, that the claimed damage is or isn’t covered under their property insurance policy, or if the cause of the damage is excluded from their policy in that case.

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If you suspect that your policyholder may be bringing forth a property insurance claim that doesn’t apply to their policy, you need our legal help. In many types of insurance claims, investigation is required in order to properly determine whether or not the claim is legitimate. The Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow is based in Boston, Massachusetts and we also serve Providence, Rhode Island, Hartford, Connecticut and Portland, Maine. Call us at 617-777-4748 to schedule a consultation with a property insurance claim attorney to learn more about property insurance claims and our legal team.

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